Be Slim 4 Life using the Paul McKenna Weight Loss System with Colin Wilson
Be Slim 4 Life using the Paul McKenna Weight Loss System with Colin Wilson
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If you are viewing my web site you are probably desperate to lose weight. You have "tried everything" and nothing works.

You have done every diet and you lose weight and then put it all back on, and more. You may have even been on weight loss medication from your GP.

If this sound like you, then in reality all you have been doing is treating the Symptoms and not the Cause and you may by now realise that you have been wasting your time and probably your money as well.

I often hear from my Clients "I know what I should be doing" but I can't seem to do it!

So why am I different? The simple answer is I deal with the Cause or Causes and not the Symptoms.

"What are the causes?" well each client is different however it is probably one or more of the following:

  • Conditioning
  • Emotional
  • Life Balance
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Your Sub conscious

There is information about me on the "About Colin Wilson" Page, however I would wish to draw your attention to my present work as a Consultant Weight Loss Therapist with the ground breaking Rotherham Institute for Obesity (RIO)

In addition to my work at RIO I only work with a few private individual Clients at any time, so if you are serious about weight loss please contact me

Colin Wilson

M.A.(Soc Sci); D.R.L.P; L.C.A; N.L.P. Practitioner; E.F.T. Therapist